Search related websites by Google Analytics (Google Tag Manager)

This service will be useful if you want to find out what other sites, except yours, are located on this IP address. The first practical application of this can be called the moment of promotion, namely, obtaining backlinks. Because if you get a link from another site, but it is on the same IP, then for search engines this can become a flag of cheating, "artificial" promotion and entail the process of pessimization.

Also, a search using Google Analytics code helps to identify other competitor sites located on his account, to identify the entire network and, based on this, you can evaluate competition in more detail and build the right promotion strategy.

Tools for related sites searching by:

  • Domain
  • IP-address (IPv4)
  • Google Analytics ID (ex. UA-XXXXXXX)
  • Google Tag Manager ID (ex. GTM-XXXXXXX)